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.va Domain Whois Information - .va is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the State of Vatican City. There are 23 easily found names starting with "www" in the va zone, listed below. "www" names with websites. Vatican Main Website is pointed to by all these names:www.vawww.vatican.vawww.cappellasistina.vawww.chapellesixtine.vawww.capillasixtina.vawww.sistinechapel.vawww.sixtinischekapelle.vawww.pcf.vawww.test23111973.vaVatican State Governmentwww.vaticansate.vaLanding page for the Vatican newspaperwww.osservatoreromano.vaPaenitentiaria Apostolicawww.paenitentiaria.vawww.penitenzieria.vaPontifical Mission Societieswww.ppoomm.vaNo Response from these (but see below)www.pasquini.vaLogin page for Observatory (Comunit di Practica de l'Observatore Romano)www.cdp.osservatoreromano.vawww.cdp.ossrom.vaPhoto Ordering"Portale Catholica Di Test Accesso ai servizi intranet" - Java driven portal of sortswww.catholica.vaExtranet, note SSL certificate expired 28th June 2007. Stats available but username/password required and links have to be rewritten from http to httpswww.extranet.vaNon-"www" names with websites:. Main Vatican Websitebenedettoxvi.vabenedictumxvi.vasistinechapel.vamv.vatican.vasearch.vatican.vaseraphin.vatican.vaVatican Archivesasv.vatican.vaMailing Lists (Mailman)mlists.vatican.vaVatican"Compendium" (Username/Password required)isidoro.vatican.vaVatican Webmail (not: SSL issued by same CA as for with CN of "Luigi Salimbeni") (Username/Password required)webmail.mailservice.vaSecond-level domains are not available to the public.. Name and email servers within the .va namespace include (DNS and email), (DNS), (email), (email), and (email).. Strangely enough, some offsite secondary DNS servers used by the Vatican are named after Egyptian gods, like:.

.vaHoly See (Vatican City State)

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.va Domain Whois Information

.va domain registration

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.va Whois Delegation Record

% IANA WHOIS server
% for more information on IANA, visit
% This query returned 1 object

domain: VA

organisation: Holy See - Vatican City State
address: Governatorato S.C.V.
address: Vatican City State V-00120
address: Holy See (vatican City State)

contact: administrative
name: Director
organisation: Department of Telecommunications
address: Palazzo del Belvedere
address: Vatican City
address: Vatican City State V-00120
address: Holy See (vatican City State)
phone: +39 (06) 69890153
fax-no: +39 (06) 69885299

contact: technical
name: Responsible of the Vatican Internet Service Provider
organisation: Department of Telecommunications - Vatican Internet Service Provider
address: Cortile del Triangolo
address: Vatican City
address: Vatican City State V-00120
address: Holy See (vatican City State)
phone: +39 (06) 69890506
fax-no: +39 (06) 69882934

nserver: DNS.NIC.IT 2a00:d40:1:1:0:0:0:5
nserver: JOHN.VATICAN.VA 2a01:b8:0:1:212:77:0:110
nserver: MICHAEL.VATICAN.VA 2a01:b8:0:1:212:77:0:2
nserver: OSIRIS.NAMEX.IT 2001:7f8:10:f00a:0:0:0:6
nserver: SETH.NAMEX.IT 2001:7f8:10:f00a:0:0:0:7
nserver: VA.CCTLD.AUTHDNS.RIPE.NET 2001:67c:e0:0:0:0:0:123

status: ACTIVE

created: 1995-09-11
changed: 2016-10-14
source: IANA