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The Small Print

Although we will monitor domains that are not in a detagged / suspended state you must bear in mind that it may be a while before there is any change to the domain.

If we consider the service is being abused or denigrated we will suspend and may subsequently remove all domain names submitted by the party involved.

Successful registrations are not guaranteed.

Polish domains

Unfortunately Polish .pl names incur a small non refundable Monitoring Fee of $16.50kr87€11.70£9.00$17.90kr112$12.90R161.00 per domain name.

*Excessive Number Clause

Due to the nature of our product and the fact we make no up front charges, the service is open to abuse. As such we reserve the right to charge a management fee of $1.80kr10€1.30£1.00$2.00kr12$1.40R18.00 per domain name requested per year, if in our opinion the number of names being monitored in an account is excessive (over 300 domains).

If you wish to monitor more than 300 names and avoid this charge, contact us before monitoring the names and arrange permission first.

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Even with over 860 types to choose from, the domain name type which you want may not be listed.

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Domains are normally suspended after they expire, then they are made available on a first come, first served basis.

Our monitoring technologies will ensure your brand name / Intellectual Property is constantly monitored enabling us to secure the domain your behalf.

How we succeed, when others fail?

We monitor domain statuses every day, building up a database with the aim of establishing when a domain name is most likely to become available.

Once armed with the data we wait, constantly for the correct moment to apply

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Unlike our competition. We NEVER, EVER! put domain names to auction. We only accept one request for each domain name allocated on a strictly first-come-first-served basis.

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