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US .us Domain Whois Information - .us is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United States, established in 1985. The original administrator of .us was Jon Postel of the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California. From April 2002, second-level domains became available for registration. Since the official release of .us as a second-level domain, it has been adopted and developed by a number of private corporations and local citizenry.


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Please Note: Some domain names may be classified by the registry as a premium domain name and will command a higher price.

General Availabilty Pricing

Term New Renew
1 year$51.30kr243€32.60£26.30$54.60kr336$37.20R515.00 $51.30kr243€32.60£26.30$54.60kr336$37.20R515.00  
2 years$80.00kr379€50.80£41.00$85.20kr524$58.00R803.00 $80.00kr379€50.80£41.00$85.20kr524$58.00R803.00  
3 years$151.60kr719€96.30£77.70$161.40kr992$109.90R1522.00 $151.60kr719€96.30£77.70$161.40kr992$109.90R1522.00  
4 years$200.70kr952€127.60£102.90$213.80kr1314$145.60R2015.00 $200.70kr952€127.60£102.90$213.80kr1314$145.60R2015.00  
5 years$252.00kr1195€160.20£129.20$268.40kr1650$182.80R2530.00 $252.00kr1195€160.20£129.20$268.40kr1650$182.80R2530.00  
6 years$301.20kr1428€191.40£154.40$320.80kr1972$218.40R3024.00 $301.20kr1428€191.40£154.40$320.80kr1972$218.40R3024.00  
7 years$352.30kr1670€223.90£180.60$375.20kr2307$255.50R3537.00 $352.30kr1670€223.90£180.60$375.20kr2307$255.50R3537.00  
8 years$401.40kr1904€255.10£205.80$427.60kr2628$291.10R4030.00 $401.40kr1904€255.10£205.80$427.60kr2628$291.10R4030.00  
9 years$452.70kr2147€287.70£232.10$482.20kr2964$328.30R4545.00 $452.70kr2147€287.70£232.10$482.20kr2964$328.30R4545.00  
10 years$501.90kr2380€319.00£257.30$534.50kr3286$364.00R5039.00 $501.90kr2380€319.00£257.30$534.50kr3286$364.00R5039.00  
U.S. nexus requirement can be enforced by challenge, but seldom is
Domain New Renew
us.com Domain Name Registration .us.com$61.40kr291€39.00£31.50$65.40kr402$44.60R617.00 $61.40kr291€39.00£31.50$65.40kr402$44.60R617.00
la Domain Name Registration .la$100.50kr476€63.80£51.50$107.00kr658$72.90R1009.00 $100.50kr476€63.80£51.50$107.00kr658$72.90R1009.00
No restrictions. However the LA registry has adopted a policy where by certain names are determined to be premium names. If applying for one of these names the fee may be many thousands more than the price quoted. If you name falls into this group you will be offered a full refund.
miami Domain Name Registration .miami$102.40kr486€65.10£52.50$109.10kr671$74.30R1028.00 $102.40kr486€65.10£52.50$109.10kr671$74.30R1028.00
nyc Domain Name Registration .nyc$81.90kr388€52.10£42.00$87.30kr536$59.40R823.00 $81.90kr388€52.10£42.00$87.30kr536$59.40R823.00
us.org Domain Name Registration .us.org$51.30kr243€32.60£26.30$54.60kr336$37.20R515.00 $49.20kr233€31.20£25.20$52.40kr322$35.60R494.00
um Domain Name Registration .umPrice on request Price on request
Registrations not possible, domain not in root
vegas Domain Name Registration .vegas$81.90kr388€52.10£42.00$87.30kr536$59.40R823.00 $81.90kr388€52.10£42.00$87.30kr536$59.40R823.00

.us Domain Whois Information

.us domain registration

$51.30kr243€32.60£26.30$54.60kr336$37.20R515.00 for 1 year.

.us Whois Delegation Record

% IANA WHOIS server
% for more information on IANA, visit http://www.iana.org
% This query returned 1 object

domain: US

organisation: NeuStar, Inc.
address: Loudoun Tech Center
address: 46000 Center Oak Plaza
address: Sterling Virginia 20166
address: United States

contact: administrative
name: Director
organisation: NeuStar, Inc.
address: 21575 Ridgetop Circle
address: Sterling, VA 20166
address: United States
phone: +1 (844) 677-2878
fax-no: +1 (571) 434-5401
e-mail: technical1@registry.neustar

contact: technical
name: Neustar Operations
organisation: NeuStar, Inc.
address: Loudoun Tech Center
address: 46000 Center Oak Plaza
address: Sterling Virginia 20166
address: United States
phone: +1 571 434 5487
fax-no: +1 571 434 5401
e-mail: registrytechnical2@neustar.biz

nserver: A.CCTLD.US
nserver: B.CCTLD.US 2001:0502:ad09:0:0:0:0:29
nserver: C.CCTLD.US
nserver: E.CCTLD.US
nserver: F.CCTLD.US 2001:500:3682:0:0:0:0:11
nserver: K.CCTLD.US 2001:503:e239:0:0:0:3:1
ds-rdata: 39361 8 1 09E0AF18E54225F87A3B10E95C9DA3F1E58E5B59
ds-rdata: 39361 8 2 415D8DAE2299D2C2DAB7458ED4C715268CD2EB3AE3C1C249FF1696BF62112201

whois: whois.nic.us

status: ACTIVE
remarks: Registration information: http://www.nic.us

created: 1985-02-15
changed: 2018-09-25
source: IANA