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British .me.uk Domain Whois Information - .uk is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United Kingdom. The use of .uk rather than .gb for the top-level domain is due to its pre-existing use in the (now obsolete) JANET Name Registration Scheme in which the order of address components were reversed. As with other ccTLDs in the early days it was originally delegated to an individual by Jon Postel. The Naming Committee was organised as a mailing list to which all proposed names were circulated. By the mid-1990s the growth of the Internet, and particularly the advent of the World Wide Web was pushing requests for domain name registrations up to levels that were not manageable by a group of part-time voluntary managers. It is possible to directly register a domain name with Nominet UK but it is faster and cheaper to do it via a Nominet tag holder..

.me.ukUnited Kingdom

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Important: When entering your search string don't write "www" or the British domain type, ie. "me.uk". Therefore to search "www.bb-online.me.uk" enter "bb-online" and nothing else.

The only letters allowed within a domain name are:
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General Availabilty Pricing

Term New Renew
1 year$67.50kr328€44.10£35.00$76.60kr477$47.30R702.00 $43.40kr211€28.40£22.50$49.20kr307$30.40R451.00  
2 years$98.30kr478€64.30£51.00$111.50kr695$68.90R1023.00 $82.90kr403€54.20£43.00$94.10kr586$58.10R862.00  
3 years$145.50kr708€95.20£75.50$165.10kr1029$102.00R1514.00 $125.30kr609€81.90£65.00$142.20kr886$87.80R1303.00  
4 years$192.80kr937€126.10£100.00$218.70kr1362$135.10R2005.00 $163.90kr797€107.20£85.00$185.90kr1158$114.90R1704.00  
5 years$242.90kr1181€158.90£126.00$275.60kr1717$170.30R2526.00 $207.20kr1008€135.50£107.50$235.10kr1465$145.30R2155.00  
6 years$289.20kr1406€189.10£150.00$328.10kr2044$202.70R3008.00 $247.70kr1205€162.00£128.50$281.10kr1751$173.60R2576.00  
7 years$339.30kr1650€221.90£176.00$384.90kr2398$237.80R3529.00 $289.20kr1406€189.10£150.00$328.10kr2044$202.70R3008.00  
8 years$386.50kr1880€252.80£200.50$438.50kr2732$270.90R4020.00 $330.60kr1608€216.20£171.50$375.10kr2336$231.80R3439.00  
9 years$435.70kr2119€284.90£226.00$494.30kr3079$305.40R4531.00 $373.00kr1814€244.00£193.50$423.20kr2636$261.50R3880.00  
10 years$482.00kr2344€315.20£250.00$546.80kr3406$337.80R5013.00 $411.60kr2001€269.20£213.50$467.00kr2909$288.50R4281.00  
None for .co.uk and .org.uk; other subdomains have differing restrictions
Domain New Renew
uk Domain Name Registration .uk$78.10kr380€51.10£40.50$88.60kr552$54.70R812.00 $81.00kr394€53.00£42.00$91.90kr572$56.80R842.00
None for .co.uk and .org.uk; other subdomains have differing restrictions
co.uk Domain Name Registration .co.uk$78.10kr380€51.10£40.50$88.60kr552$54.70R812.00 $82.90kr403€54.20£43.00$94.10kr586$58.10R862.00
No restrictions
ltd.uk Domain Name Registration .ltd.uk$98.30kr478€64.30£51.00$111.50kr695$68.90R1023.00 $82.90kr403€54.20£43.00$94.10kr586$58.10R862.00
UK Limited Companies only
org.uk Domain Name Registration .org.uk$98.30kr478€64.30£51.00$111.50kr695$68.90R1023.00 $82.90kr403€54.20£43.00$94.10kr586$58.10R862.00
None for .co.uk and .org.uk; other subdomains have differing restrictions
plc.uk Domain Name Registration .plc.uk$98.30kr478€64.30£51.00$111.50kr695$68.90R1023.00 $82.90kr403€54.20£43.00$94.10kr586$58.10R862.00
UK Public Limited Companies only
ac.uk Domain Name Registration .ac.uk$382.70kr1861€250.30£198.50$434.20kr2704$268.20R3980.00 $382.70kr1861€250.30£198.50$434.20kr2704$268.20R3980.00
UK Educational establishments only.
gov.uk Domain Name Registration .gov.uk$382.70kr1861€250.30£198.50$434.20kr2704$268.20R3980.00 $382.70kr1861€250.30£198.50$434.20kr2704$268.20R3980.00
UK Government departments only
net.uk Domain Name Registration .net.uk$78.10kr380€51.10£40.50$88.60kr552$54.70R812.00 $82.90kr403€54.20£43.00$94.10kr586$58.10R862.00
ISPs and network companies (unlike .net, use is restricted to these users). The applicant must be listed as a local internet protocol (IP) address registry with a regional IP address registry; or has an Autonomous System containing hosts in the United Kingdom that is listed with a regional IP address registry and that is continuously or at all reasonable times reachable from major Internet exchange points.
sch.uk Domain Name Registration .sch.uk$75.20kr366€49.20£39.00$85.30kr531$52.70R782.00 $82.90kr403€54.20£43.00$94.10kr586$58.10R862.00
Only for UK schools. schoolname.area.sch.uk

.me.uk Domain Whois Information

.me.uk domain registration

$98.30kr478€64.30£51.00$111.50kr695$68.90R1023.00 for 2 years.

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