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Saint Lucian .edu.lc Domain Whois Information - .lc is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Saint Lucia.

.edu.lcSaint Lucia

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lc Domain Name Registration .lc$125.80kr551€73.80£59.00$133.60kr798$80.80R1508.00 $119.40kr523€70.10£56.00$126.80kr758$76.70R1431.00
com.lc Domain Name Registration .com.lc$89.50kr392€52.50£42.00$95.10kr568$57.50R1073.00 $99.10kr434€58.20£46.50$105.30kr629$63.70R1188.00
co.lc Domain Name Registration .co.lc$89.50kr392€52.50£42.00$95.10kr568$57.50R1073.00 $99.10kr434€58.20£46.50$105.30kr629$63.70R1188.00
net.lc Domain Name Registration .net.lc$89.50kr392€52.50£42.00$95.10kr568$57.50R1073.00 $99.10kr434€58.20£46.50$105.30kr629$63.70R1188.00
org.lc Domain Name Registration .org.lc$89.50kr392€52.50£42.00$95.10kr568$57.50R1073.00 $99.10kr434€58.20£46.50$105.30kr629$63.70R1188.00
gov.lc Domain Name Registration .gov.lc$270.70kr1186€158.90£127.00$287.50kr1718$173.90R3245.00 $300.60kr1316€176.40£141.00$319.20kr1908$193.00R3603.00
The registration of .gov.lc domain names is restricted to Departments of the St. Lucian Government.
l.lc Domain Name Registration .l.lc$89.50kr392€52.50£42.00$95.10kr568$57.50R1073.00 $99.10kr434€58.20£46.50$105.30kr629$63.70R1188.00
p.lc Domain Name Registration .p.lc$89.50kr392€52.50£42.00$95.10kr568$57.50R1073.00 $99.10kr434€58.20£46.50$105.30kr629$63.70R1188.00

.edu.lc Domain Whois Information

.edu.lc domain registration

$270.70kr1186€158.90£127.00$287.50kr1718$173.90R3245.00 for 1 year.

.edu.lc Whois Delegation Record

% IANA WHOIS server
% for more information on IANA, visit http://www.iana.org
% This query returned 1 object

domain: LC

organisation: University of Puerto Rico
address: Central Administration Building
address: P.O. Box 364984G
address: San Juan 00936
address: Puerto Rico

contact: administrative
name: Dr. Patrick W. Lay
organisation: ISIS World Corporation
address: #4 Colony House
address: John Compton Highway
address: Castries
address: Saint Lucia
phone: 758 572-8188
fax-no: 758 452-0065
e-mail: drlay@nic.ag

contact: technical
name: Patrick W. Lay
organisation: NIC LC
address: #4 Colony House
address: John Compton Highway
address: Castries
address: Saint Lucia
phone: 758 572 8188
fax-no: 758 452 0065
e-mail: drlay@nic.ag

nserver: A0.CCTLD.AFILIAS-NST.INFO 2001:500:25:0:0:0:0:1
nserver: A2.CCTLD.AFILIAS-NST.INFO 2001:500:44:0:0:0:0:1
nserver: B0.CCTLD.AFILIAS-NST.ORG 2001:500:26:0:0:0:0:1
nserver: B2.CCTLD.AFILIAS-NST.ORG 2001:500:4c:0:0:0:0:1
nserver: C0.CCTLD.AFILIAS-NST.INFO 2001:500:27:0:0:0:0:1
nserver: D0.CCTLD.AFILIAS-NST.ORG 2001:500:28:0:0:0:0:1
ds-rdata: 31275 7 1 8FFD793EA49828F8FAE71E6EAF8CD2A6A329361F
ds-rdata: 31275 7 2 611D7AF20FB91770B598BFFE4DFDAAFE29F106EFCDE36387F4963700A77622EE

status: ACTIVE
remarks: Registration information: http://www.nic.lc

created: 1991-09-03
changed: 2013-06-24
source: IANA