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.biz Domain Whois Information - .biz is a generic top-level domain (TLD) intended for domains to be used by businesses; the name is a phonetic spelling of the first syllable of "business." It was created to relieve some of the demand for the good domain names available in the .comtop-level domain, and to provide an alternative to businesses whose preferred .com domain name had already been registered by another party. There are no specific legal or geographic qualifications to register a .biz domain name, except that it must be for "bona fide business or commercial use" (i.e. In contrast to the sunrise period of .info, .biz did not grant trademark owners first chance at registration, but instead used a procedure whereby they could file intellectual property claims in advance and then challenge any eventual registrant thrugh a policy named "STOP" (Startup Trademark Opposition Policy). A number of domains were successfully obtained by trademark owners from other registrants through this policy; some of the more controversial cases, where generic words were taken over based on trademark claims in a process deemed "reverse hijacking" by critics, included that of paint.biz and canadian.biz, the latter of which was reversed by a court decision.. Although intended to be a restricted domain aimed at businesses, in reality the .biz domain is run as an unrestricted domain, available to anyone for any use. Although many .biz registrations have taken place (second only to .info among the new TLDs), critics note that it still has low name recognition with the general public, little use by major reputable businesses, and much use in spam, scams, and pornography.. .biz domains are very popular in Turkey as "biz" means "we" in Turkish. Registrations are processed via accredited registrars..


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General Availabilty Pricing

Term New Renew
1 year$95.40kr464€62.40£49.50$108.30kr674$66.90R992.00 $79.00kr384€51.70£41.00$89.70kr559$55.40R822.00  
2 years$120.50kr586€78.80£62.50$136.70kr851$84.50R1253.00 $102.20kr497€66.80£53.00$115.90kr722$71.60R1063.00  
3 years$134.00kr652€87.60£69.50$152.00kr947$93.90R1393.00 $146.50kr712€95.80£76.00$166.20kr1035$102.70R1524.00  
4 years$173.50kr844€113.50£90.00$196.80kr1226$121.60R1805.00 $191.80kr933€125.40£99.50$217.60kr1356$134.50R1995.00  
5 years$209.20kr1017€136.80£108.50$237.30kr1478$146.60R2175.00 $233.30kr1134€152.50£121.00$264.70kr1648$163.50R2426.00  
6 years$244.80kr1191€160.10£127.00$277.80kr1730$171.60R2546.00 $271.80kr1322€177.80£141.00$308.40kr1921$190.50R2827.00  
7 years$279.50kr1359€182.80£145.00$317.10kr1975$195.90R2907.00 $310.40kr1509€203.00£161.00$352.10kr2193$217.60R3228.00  
8 years$313.30kr1523€204.90£162.50$355.40kr2214$219.60R3258.00 $348.00kr1692€227.60£180.50$394.80kr2459$243.90R3619.00  
9 years$345.10kr1678€225.70£179.00$391.50kr2439$241.90R3589.00 $383.60kr1866€250.90£199.00$435.30kr2711$268.90R3990.00  
10 years$370.10kr1800€242.10£192.00$419.90kr2616$259.50R3850.00 $409.70kr1992€267.90£212.50$464.80kr2895$287.20R4261.00  

.biz Domain Whois Information

.biz domain registration

$120.50kr586€78.80£62.50$136.70kr851$84.50R1253.00 for 2 years.

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