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Caribbean Domains: Haiti (.ht)


Important: When entering your search string don't write “www” or the Haitian domain type, ie. “.ht”. Therefore to search “” enter “bb-online” and nothing else.

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.ht Registration:

.ht registration your Haitian domain, click here!

.ht is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Haiti.

Background Information :


2007 estimate 8,706,497 (85th) - 2003 census 8,527,817 - Density 335/km2 (38th) 758.1/sq mi


(PPP) 2007 estimate - Total $11.150 billion (133th) - Per capita $1,291 (154th)

National Anthem

La Dessalinienne


Total 27,751 km2 (147th) 10,714 sq mi - Water (%) 0.7

International Dialling Code



Gourde (HTG)

Population type

95% Black, 5% Mulatto and White


Presidential republic - President RenȨ PrȨval - Prime Minister Michȿle Pierre-Louis Formation - as Saint-Domingue 1697 -


French, Haitian Creole


: "L'Union Fait La Force" (French) "Linyon Fe Lafșs" (Haitian Creole) "Strength through Unity"

Time Zone

(UTC-5) Haiti, officially the Republic of Haiti (RȨpublique d'Haȯti ; Repiblik AyitiHaiti's regional, historical, and ethnolinguistic position is unique for several reasons. It was the first independent nation in the Caribbean, the first post-colonial independent black-led nation in the world, and the only nation whose independencewas gained as part of a successful slave rebellion. Haiti is the only predominantly Francophone nation in the Caribbean, and one of only two in North America (along with Canada) which designate French as an official language; the other French-speaking North American countries are all overseas dȨpartements of France.

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