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.pa is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Panama.

Since "PA" is also the postal code for the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, it has had occasional use under that meaning, but this has not become widespread.

This article is written like a personal reflection or essay and may require cleanup. Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. (February 2008) The requirement by the registry for two name servers that are geographically separaed is a traditional Internet practice designed to ensure redundancy in case one network is down or unreachable at a given time. However, few domain registries impose this as an actual requirement, and it is common in most TLDs to have all name servers be in the network of the hosting provider for the domain. Some people currently question the need for geographically redundan name service for domains which are (as most are at present) virtually hosted and used exclusively to point at Web sites and e-mail addresses within a single network, usually the same one that hosts its name servers, so that if the entire network is down the site would be down anyway.

Background Information :


July 2008 estimate 3,309,679 (133rd) - May 2000 census 2,839,177 - Density 43/km2 (156th) 111/sq mi


(PPP) 2007 estimate - Total $34.605 billion - Per capita $10,351

National Anthem

Himno IstmeȘo (Spanish)


Total 75,517 km2 (118th) 29,157 sq mi - Water (%) 2.9

International Dialling Code



Balboa, U.S. dollar (PAB, USD)

Population type

70% Mestizo, 14% Afro-west Indian, 10% white, 6% Amerindian


Constitutional Democracy - President Martin Torrijos - First Vice President Samuel Lewis - Second Vice President RubȨn Arosemena




: "Pro Mundi Beneficio" (Latin) "For the Benefit of the World"

Time Zone

(UTC-5) - Summer (DST) (UTC-5) Panama, officially the Republic of Panama, is the southernmost country of Central America and, in turn, North America. Situated on an isthmus connecting Norh and South America, some categorize it as a transcontinental nation. It is bordered by Costa Rica to the north-west, Colombia to the south-east, the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. It is an international business center and is also a transit country. Although Panama is the third largest economy in Central America, after Guatemala and Costa Rica, it is the largest consumer in Central America.

Panama currently enjoys a rich Pre-Columbian heritage of native populations whose presence stretched back over 11,000 years. The earliest traces of these indigenous peoples include fluted projectile points. This changed into significant populations hat are best known through the spectacular burials of the Conte site (dating to c. AD 500-900) and the polychrome pottery of the Cocl style. The monumental monolithic sculptures at the Barriles (Chiriqui) site were another important clue of the ancient isthmian cultures. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, Panama was widely setled by Chibchan, Chocoan, and Cueva peoples, among whom the largest group were the Cueva. There is no accurate knowledge of size of the indigenous population of the isthmus at the time of the European conquest. Estimates range as high as two million people, but more recent studies place that number closer to 200,000.

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