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.report IDN domain name registration

Register your .report IDN domain name

(Domains ending in .report Only)


Don't put "www", thus for "" enter "".

If you request a domain for a type other than those listed above or using a language apart from report or mix languages, the domain order will fail.

Enter one .report domain name per line.

Understanding .report IDN Domains

An internationalized domain name (IDN), a domain name that contains at least one letter in a language-specific alphabet other than English, such as Arabic, Russian, Tamil, Chinese or the Latin characters with accents, such as French. These are stored in the Domain Name System as ascii strings using the Punycode code encoding system.

Thus the domain "fenê" becomes "" in the punycode translation.

All IDN domains will be encoded into an ascii string starting xn-- and when displayed in a browser will display in their native language alphabet.

PunyCode Domain Name

Enter your domain in punycode "xn--" style for example ""

IDN Domain Name

Enter your domain in language style for example "fenê"

.report Languages

.report Domain Registration
Languages supported by .report domains

Chinese Simplified 

$ 62.10kr 321€ 42.90£ 267.00$ 68.30kr 389$ 50.50R 813.10 $ {Error}kr {Error}{Error}£ {Error}$ {Error}kr {Error}$ {Error}R {Error}

Chinese Traditional 

$ 62.10kr 321€ 42.90£ 267.00$ 68.30kr 389$ 50.50R 813.10 $ {Error}kr {Error}{Error}£ {Error}$ {Error}kr {Error}$ {Error}R {Error}


$ 62.10kr 321€ 42.90£ 267.00$ 68.30kr 389$ 50.50R 813.10 $ {Error}kr {Error}{Error}£ {Error}$ {Error}kr {Error}$ {Error}R {Error}
All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) British Pounds (GBP) Danish Krone (DKK) Euros (EUR) New Zealand Dollars (NZD) South African Rand (ZAR) Swedish Krona (SEK) US Dollars (USD)

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