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Why a .tel Domain Name ?


Global Top Level domain names of the like .tel are one of the most recognisable and commonplace domains that are seen around the Internet. Here at BB Online we wish to highlight the advantages of acquiring an instantly identifiable international .tel domain, which are equally suitable for both personal and professional use.

Make the Correct Choice

Thousands of domain types are now available creating not only confusion but opertunities as well. A .tel domains will reinforce your presence on the world-wide web and encourage local businesses to purchase from you rather than a competitor. But why stop here, there are many markets in this global economy all with their own local domain name. Search for your perfect name, avoid long winded names, create a short snappy rememberable name with our availability checker.

Establish Customer Base on a Global Base

A Global Top Level domain will put you on the map as an international trader.

.tel .tel Restrictions: Currently, None

NB: Please do not type "www" or the .tel name suffix, eg. ".tel", Therefore if interested in "" type "bb-online" only.

Also do remember .tel names must only contain the following characters: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z - 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, Spaces are NOT ALLOWED.

.tel Domain Prices

Prices in Australian Dollars (AUD) British Pounds (GBP) Danish Krone (DKK) Euros (EUR) New Zealand Dollars (NZD) South African Rand (ZAR) Swedish Krona (SEK) US Dollars (USD)
.tel .tel domain
1 year$ 30.80kr 159€ 21.30£ 17.20$ 33.80kr 193$ 25.00R 402.50
2 years$ 60.20kr 311€ 41.70£ 33.60$ 66.30kr 378$ 49.00R 788.90
3 years$ 70.00kr 362€ 48.50£ 39.10$ 77.10kr 440$ 57.00R 917.70
4 years$ 93.40kr 482€ 64.60£ 52.20$ 102.80kr 586$ 76.00R 1223.60
5 years$ 116.70kr 603€ 80.70£ 65.20$ 128.50kr 732$ 95.00R 1529.50
6 years$ 140.00kr 723€ 96.90£ 78.20$ 154.10kr 879$ 114.00R 1835.40
7 years$ 163.40kr 843€ 113.00£ 91.20$ 179.80kr 1025$ 133.00R 2141.30
8 years$ 186.70kr 964€ 129.20£ 104.30$ 205.50kr 1171$ 152.00R 2447.20
9 years$ 210.00kr 1084€ 145.30£ 117.30$ 231.20kr 1318$ 171.00R 2753.10
10 years$ 233.40kr 1205€ 161.40£ 130.30$ 256.90kr 1464$ 190.00R 3059.00
Time to register:0-2 hrs*
* Actual time to register may vary

As soon as your .tel domain is registered we place it on our international servers, we will provide you with an under-construction page for your .tel.

it also comes with ....

  1. Web Forwarding - Cost: FREE.
  2. Email Forwarding - Cost: FREE.

  3. Identity Protection (Where possible) - Cost: FREE.

  4. Transfer away - Cost: FREE. If we don't meet your expectations, or you just prefer to use another company. You will not find any un-expected hidden release or administration charges. No the .tel domain name is yours to move as you see fit.

  5. Also upon request see (
  6. Two free Mail boxes
  7. Free starter Webhosting package

.tel Terms & Conditions

Telnic Limited runs the .tel domain registry. They are the sole source of .tel domains.

.tel domain names are sponsored by Telnic Limited.

.tel domain names are intended for Contact Details.

Direct second-level registrations are permitted; digits are restricted to avoid conflict with phone numbers.

.tel Domain names are registered subject to our terms and conditions and the .tel registry terms and conditions for .tel domains.

.tel Whois Information (.tel)

Who is responsible for the tel domain name.
Whois Information.

.tel Basic Information (.tel)

Information on the source of the domain Telnic.

.tel Fact Sheet (.tel BB Online 101)

Details on how we manage .tel domains.