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Domain Encyclopædia .tf - French Southern & Antartic Territory Brand Protection - .tf domain Registration.

African Domains: French Southern & Antartic Territory (.tf)


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.tf Registration:

.tf registration your French Southern & Antartic Territories domain, click here!

.tf is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (France). Along with .fr and .re, it is administered by AFNIC. Before October 23, 2004, Adamsnames, based in Cambridge, administered this TLD.

There is also an additional free service offering third-level .tf domains, under the name United Names Organisation. They occupy 14 second-level domains, including,,, and They are run by the same company as, and are given away as URL redirections.

Part of this territory, according to the French government, is a section of the continent of Antarctica claimed by France, although this claim is not recognized by most other countries. This creates an overlap between the territory of .tf and the Antarctica domain .aq.

Background Information :


estimate 140 hab.


Total 439,781 km2 169,800 sq mi


Prefect Èëric Pilloton Territoire d'outre-mer - Date 1955




: "Libert»®, »Žgalit»®, Fraternit»®" Click on map to enlargeThe French Southern and Antarctic Lands (French: Terres australes et antarctiques franȺaises, abbreviated TAAF), full name Territory of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (French: Territoire des Terres australes et antarctiques franȺaises), consist of:a group of volcanic islands in the southern Indian Ocean, southeast of Africa, approximately equidistant between Africa, Antarctica and Australia;AdȨlie Land, the French claim on the Antarctica continent under the Antarctic Treaty System;the Scatteed islands in the Indian Ocean. The territory is also often called the French Southern Territories (French: Terres australes franȺaises), which excludes AdȨlie Land where French sovereignty is not recognized internationally. The lands are not connected to France Antarctique, a former French colony in Brazil.

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