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Redemption Fees

Redemption Fees, apply to ICANN managed domains only.

If a domain name is not renewed it will eventually deleted by us, typically 35 days after expiry. In this event the domain name status changes and enters the "Redemption Period" Stage.


Once a domain enters REDEMPTIONPERIOD it will not resolve and will shortly be deleted.

If your domain status is REDEMPTIONPERIOD and it is still required then you should contact the registrar of the domain immediately.

It is possible to recover domains that are in their REDEMPTIONPERIOD but there is a charge involved and this will vary from registrar to registrar, this is typically much more than the registration fee as ICANN has set the fees for recovery extremely high.

The domain name can only be recovered from redemption by the registrar responsible for the domain.

It is not advised that you simply let your domain delete itself so you can re-register it because it could be potentially re-registered by someone other than yourself maybe solely for the "expired traffic" your domain generates.


Our Fees for recovering from redemption and renewal of the domain for 1 year.

Redemption Recover Period: GBP £90