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Domain Encyclopædia .sy - Syrian Arab Rep. Brand Protection - .sy domain Registration.

Asian Domains: Syrian Arab Rep. (.sy)


Important: When entering your search string don't write “www” or the Syrian domain type, ie. “.sy”. Therefore to search “” enter “bb-online” and nothing else.

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.sy Registration:

.sy registration your Syrian domain, click here!

.sy is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Syria.

Reserved 2nd level domains:,,,,,,

Background Information :


2007 estimate 19,405,000 (54th) - Density 103/km2 (101th) 267/sq mi


(PPP) 2007 estimate - Total $87.163 billion (63rd) - Per capita $4,491 (111th)

National Anthem

Homat el Diyar Guardians of the Land


Total 185,180 km2 (88th) 71,479 sq mi - Water (%) 0.06

International Dialling Code



Syrian pound (SYP)


Presidential republic under Emergency Law since 1963 - President Bashar al-Assad - Prime Minister Muhammad Naji al-Otari



Time Zone

EET (UTC+2) - Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3) Map of Syria Syria (Arabic: ÛþãêÛ˜ãèÛ¨‚ÇÄ Sʽriya or Sʽrya), officially the Syrian Arab Republic (ÛºãäÛ ãàãçãêÛ˜ãèÛ¨ ÛºãäÛ Û˜Û¿ãèÛ¨ ÛºãäÛþãêÛ˜ãèÛ¨), is an Arab country in Southwest Asia, bordering Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Isral to the southwest, Jordan to the south, Iraq to the east, and Turkey to the north. The modern state of Syria was formerly a French mandate and attained independence in 1946, but can trace its roots to the Eblan civilization in the third millennium BC. Its capital city, Damascus, was the seat of the Umayyad Empire and a provincial capital of the Mamluk Empire.

Syria gained independence in April 1946. Officially a Republic, Syria has been under Emergency Law since 1963 and governed by the Baath Party; the head of state since 1970 has been a member of the Assad family. Syria's current president is Bashar alAssad, son of Hafez al-Assad, who held office from 1970 until his death in 2000. With the appointment of Bashar al-Assad in 2000 interest in political reform surged, leading to the so called "Damascus Spring" (July 2000-February 2001). Assad appointed pro-reform candidates to formal and less formal positions, but the 2001 arrest and long-term detention of the two reformist parliamentarians signals slow political reform.

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