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Caribbean Domains: Netherlands Antilles (


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.an is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Netherlands Antilles. It is administered by the University of the Netherlands Antilles. As the Netherlands Antilles are due to be abolished on December 15, 2008, the future of the .an toplevel domain is uncertain. There are, however, over 800 domains registered under .an (directly or at third level), including and (both delegations to Google's nameservers), (delegated to Yahoo's nameservers but no A record for or, (delegation to's nameservers).

Background Information :


July 2005 estimate 183,000 (185th) - Density 229/km2 (51st) 593/sq mi


(PPP) 2003 estimate - Total $ 2.45 billion (180th) - Per capita $ 11,400 (2003 est.) (79th)

National Anthem

Anthem Without a Title


Total 800 km2 (184th) 309 sq mi - Water (%) Negligible

International Dialling Code



Netherlands Antillean guilder (ANG)


Monarch Queen Beatrix - Governor Frits Goedgedrag - Prime Minister Emily de Jongh-Elhage constitutional monarchypart of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


Dutch, English, Papiamento


: Latin: Libertate unanimus ("Unified by freedom")

Time Zone

(UTC-4) The Netherlands Antilles (Dutch: ), previously known as the Netherlands West Indies or Dutch Antilles/West Indies, is part of the Lesser Antilles and consists of two groups of islands in the Caribbean Sea: CuraȺao and Bonaire, just off the Venezueln coast, and Sint Eustatius, Saba and Sint Maarten, located southeast of the Virgin Islands. The islands form an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The islands' economy depends mostly upon tourism, international financial services, international commerce and shipping and petroleum.

The Netherlands Antilles was scheduled to be dissolved as a unified political entity on 15 December 2008, so that the five constituent islands would attain new constitutional statuses within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but this dissolution has been postponed to an indefinite future date.

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