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Caribbean Domains: Cuba (.cu)


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.cu Registration:

.cu registration your Cuban domain, click here!

.cu is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Cuba.

Background Information :


2007 estimate 11,394,043 (73rd) - 2002 census 11,177,743 - Density 102/km2 (97th) 264/sq mi


(PPP) 2007 estimate - Total $125.5 billion (2007 est.) (not ranked) - Per capita $11,000 (2007 est.) (not ranked)

National Anthem

La Bayamesa ("The Bayamo Song")


Total 110,861 km2 (105th) 42,803 sq mi - Water (%) negligible

International Dialling Code



Cuban peso (CUP) Convertible peso (CUC)

Population type

65.05% European (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese), 10.08% West African, 23.84% Mulatto/Mestizo, 1.03% Chinese


Socialist Republic, Single-party communist state - President RaȦl Castro - Premier RaȦl Castro




: Patria o Muerte (Spanish) "Our Homeland or Death"

Time Zone

(UTC-5) - Summer (DST) (Starts March 11; ends November 4) (UTC-4) For other uses, see Cuba (disambiguation). The Republic of Cuba , consists of the island of Cuba (the largest and second-most populous island of the Greater AntillesCuba is the most populous insular nation in the Caribbean. Its people, culture and customs draw from several sources including the aboriginal Taȡno and Ciboney peoples, the period of Spanish colonialism, the introduction of African slaves, and its roximity to the United States. The name "Cuba" comes from the Taȡno language the exact meaning of which is unclear, but may be translated either "where fertile land is abundant" (cubao) or "great place" (coabana). The island has a tropical climate that is moderated by the surrouding waters; however, the warm temperatures of the Caribbean Sea and the fact that the island of Cuba sits across the access to the Gulf of Mexico combine to make Cuba prone to frequent hurricanes. Cuba's main island, at 766 miles (1,233 km) long, is the world's 17th largest.

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