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.gl is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Greenland. Registration is open worldwide. It has been used for sites not necessarily related to that location; it can also be seen as standing for "Good Luck", "Graphics Library", "Galician Language" or other things, and has sometimes been marketed this way.

Background Information :


July 2007 estimate 57,564 - Density 0.027/km2 (241st) 0.069/sq mi


(PPP) 2001 estimate - Total $1.1 billion (not ranked) - Per capita $20,000 (not ranked)

National Anthem

Nunarput utoqqarsuanngoravit (Greenlandic) "You Our Ancient Land!"


Total 2,166,086 km2 (13th) 836,109 sq mi - Water (%) 81.1

International Dialling Code



Danish krone (DKK)

Population type

88% (Inuit and Inuit-Danish mixed ), 12% Europeans, mostly Danish


Parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy - Monarch Margrethe II - Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen - First Minister Hans Enoksen Autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark (from June 2009) - Home rule 1979


Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) (from June 2009)

Time Zone

(UTC0 to -4) Greenland (Kalaallisut: Kalaallit Nunaat, meaning "Land of the Greenlanders"; Danish: Grȹnland) is a member country of the Kingdom of Denmark located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Though physiograpically and ethnically an Arctic island country and geographically a part of the continent of North America, politically and historically Greenland is associated with Europe, specifically Iceland, Norway, and Denmark. In 1979, Denmark granted home rule to Greenland, making it an equal member of RigsfȪllesskabet. Greenland is, by area, the world's largest island that is not a continent in its own right.

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