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Caribbean Domains: Bermuda (.bm)


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.bm Registration:

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.bm is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Bermuda. It was originally delegated in March 1993 to Bermuda College and was redelegated to the Registrar General of Bermuda, the de-facto manager of the .BM domain, in 2007..

Background Information :


2007 estimate 66,163 (205th) - Density 1,239/km2 (8th) 3,196/sq mi


(PPP) 2007 estimate - Total $5.85 billion (149th) - Per capita $91,477 (1st)

National Anthem

God Save the Queen (official) Hail to Bermuda (unofficial)


Total 53.3 km2 (224th) 20.6 sq mi - Water (%) 26%

International Dialling Code

1 441


Bermudian dollar (BMD)

Population type

54.8% West African, 34.1% (British, Portuguese), 6.4% Multiracial, 4.3% other, 0.4% unspecified


British Overseas Territory - Monarch Queen Elizabeth II - Governor Sir Richard Gozney - Premier Ewart Brown


English Other languagePortuguese


: "Quo Fata Ferunt" (Latin) "Whither the Fates Carry [Us]"

Time Zone

Atlantic (UTC-4) Bermuda is a British overseas territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. Located off the east coast of the United States, it is situated around 1770 kilometres (1,100 miAlthough commonly referred to in the singular, the territory consists of approximately 138 islands, with a total area of 53.3 square kilometres (20.6 sq mi). Compiling a list of these islands is often complicated, as many have more than one name (asdoes the entire archipelago, which, in addition to its two official names, has historically been known as "La Garza", "Virgineola", and the "Isle of Devils"). Despite the limited land mass, there has also been a tendency for place names to be repeated; there are, for example, two islands named "Long Island", three bays known as "Long Bay", and "St. George's Town" is located on "St. George's Island" within "St. George's Parish" (each known as St. George's), whereas Bermuda's capital, the "City of Hamilton", lies in Pembroke Parish, not in "Hamilton Parish", on the largest island, "Main Island", which itself is sometimes called "Bermuda".

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