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Asian Domains: Bangladesh (


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.bd is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Bangladesh. It is administered by the Ministry of Post & Telecommunications of Bangladesh. Registrations are at the third level beneath several second-level labels (com, edu, ac, net, gov, org, and mil), paralleling the oldest gTLDs; registration is open except in the gov and mil subdomains, which are limited to authorized entities in the Bangladesh government.

Background Information :


2007 estimate 150,448,340 (7th) - Density 1045/km2 (11th) 2,706/sq mi


(PPP) 2007 estimate - Total $208.456 billion (48th) - Per capita $1,311 (153rd)

National Anthem

Amar Shonar Bangla My Golden Bengal


Total 147,570 km2 (94th) 55,599 sq mi - Water (%) 7.0

International Dialling Code



Taka (BDT)


Parliamentary republic - President Iajuddin Ahmed - Prime Minister vacant - Chief Adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed Independencefrom Pakistan - Declared March 26, 1971 - Victory Day December 16, 1971


Bengali (or Bangla)

Time Zone

BDT (UTC+6) - Summer (DST) not observed (UTC+6) (Bengali: €ª €ª¾€ªé€ª™€ª¾€ªª€ºç€ªµ [ÝêbaÊïladÞ¬e×â] Bangladesh), officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh (Bengali: €ªù€ªú€ª¬€ºì€ª—€ª£€ª¾€ªñ€ª¿€ºì€ªñ€ºì€ª—€ºÇ €ª €ª¾€ªé€ª™€ª¾€ªª€ºç€ªµ Gȳnoprojatontri Bangladesh) is a country in South Asia. I is bordered by India on all sides except for a small border with Burma (Myanmar) to the far southeast and by the Bay of Bengal to the south. Together with the Indian state of West Bengal, it makes up the ethno-linguistic region of Bengal. The name Bangladesh means "Country of Bengal" in the official Bengali language.

The borders of present-day Bangladesh were established with the partition of Bengal and India in 1947, when the region became the eastern wing of the newly-formed Pakistan. However, it was separated from the western wing by 1,600 kilometres (1,000 m) across India. Political and linguistic discrimination as well as economic neglect led to popular agitations against West Pakistan, which led to the war for independence in 1971 and the establishment of Bangladesh, with the help of India. However, the new state had to endure famines, natural disasters and widespread poverty, as well as political turmoil and military coups. The restoration of democracy in 1991 has been followed by relative stability and economic progress.

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