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.baby Domain Registration - .baby Domains - Brand Protection Services for .baby

New Gtlds: .baby (.baby)

Notes: This is a closed domain. Not Open to the Public

.baby Registration:

Currently in Landrush. (5th December 2016 - 3rd April 2017)

The landrush period is the time during which domain names are available for registration, at a premium price, to entities that do not own a trademark in the name they wish to register, for example generic terms like loan or car, and thus would not qualify for registration during the sunrise period. Multiple orders for the same domain will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Landrush period precedes the period of general availability, when any qualifying entity can register any name on a first come first-served basis at a normal fee.


Not available at this time.


Important Note:
Some domain names may be classified by the registry as a premium domain name and will command a higher price. If you request a premium domain name we will contact you before completing your order.

In addition, the registry may at any time reserve domain names from registration or the sale may be restricted to comply with ICANN requirements.

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