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What makes one domain better than another ?

Technically nothing as ".com" is just as useable globally as ".co.uk" or ".org" for example. Image is what its all about. If you trade mainly in the US, choose ".com" if you can get one (as most are already taken).

If an individual was to guess at a domain name in attempt to reach a website, the most common suffix to be tried first will be ".com". Only after ".com" will the individual expore other suffixes.

If you want to be instantly recognisable as a UK trading company you should choose ".co.uk". As the web can be accessed from anywhere in the world, country specific domain names are becoming less and less relevant i.e. Dell computers can be found at www.dell.nu (".nu" stands for Nuie, a small island in the Pacific ocean).

A memorable word name can make your site stand out amongst many others competing for attention.

My domain is already registered, what can I do ?

Firstly you can try an alternative suffix, i.e. .biz, .net, .info, .cd etc. Secondly you should be aware that simply changing the name to plural (adding an 's' to the end) or adding a hyphen (-) inbetween words is perfectly legitimate and could yield far better results.

With 160,000 names registered every month the best idea is to register sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

If you are worried that someone else may register using your name you should register as many permutations as you can afford.

What is a dispute policy ?

All TLD's (Top Level Domains) are subject to ICANN's Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

This policy covers disputes between end users and registrars and disputes regarding rights to or ownership of a domain, among other things. This policy is followed by all ICANN accredited registrars.

Details of this policy can be referenced here: http://www.icann.org/udrp/

How long can I register a domain name for ?

.com, .net, .org, .biz .info, & .cd domain names can be registered for any period from 1 - 10 years in yearly increments.

All .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and .cd domains can only be registered for a maximum period of 10 years at any one time.

You are more than welcome to increase your registration period at any time by visiting the domain renewal page in your control panel, you can do this completely and easily online using a credit card.

Country code Top Level Domains have their own specific limitations, restrictions and requirements. .CO.UK domain names can only be registered for 2 year periods at a time, but these domain names are open to everyone and anyone.

Irish .IE domain names are only open to companies who can prove they have a trading link with Ireland, and can provide the relevant paperwork to verify this.

Bulgarian .BG domain names are only available to individuals who reside in the country, and companies who want a .BG domain name must have a branch in Bulgaria or estalish that they have a similar local presence there.

Different countries manage their own domains as they see fit, and there are more often than not completely different rules and requirements for each different country. Some countries will allow anyone to register a domain name whilst others have extremely strict and well policed requirements which must be satisfied. The same applies to registration periods for the relevant domains that represent their country.

If you are interested in a domain name for a particular country, send an email request to us at:

and we will get back to you with the requirements that particular country insists on, and the price for registration.

We can supply domain names for a wide variety of European and international countries, including .CO.NI and .IE.NU