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How do I change ownership of a domain ?

To change the ownership of a domain name, we need a signed letter from the current registered owner of the domain name authorising and confirming the change of ownership to the new owner. This letter should be on letterheaded paper. The name and address of the current owner and the new owner must also be listed in the letter.

We also need a letter from the new owner confirming and accepting the change of ownership of the domain name, and indemnifying BB Online from any legal action that may happen as a result of this transfer.

Both of these letters must be posted to us - we can not accept a fax. Please post these to:

We may ask for further authentication at our discretion.

How do I change ownership of a .CO.UK domain ?

All ownership changes for .CO.UK domain names must go through Nominet.org.uk, the registry that manages .CO.UK domain names. Nominet.org.uk have their own procedures and regulations in place for the change of ownership of a .CO.UK domain name, they handle all the paperwork and make the decision as to whether to transfer ownership or not.

We have no involvement in this process, and we are completely unable to change ownership of any .UK domain names, you must go through Nominet.org.uk and they charge a fee for this, for more information, visit: