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Registering domains in xn--6qq986b3xl

Language (xn--6qq986b3xl)

Notes: Please do not put "www" in the application, to request "" just enter "".

Do not mix languages, if you do the application will fail.

What is an IDN xn--6qq986b3xl Domain?

Any domain that contains a letter in a language-specific alphabet other than English, such as Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Tamil, Chinese or a Latin alphabet using a character with an accents, such as Spanish, Danish or French. These are stored in the Domain Name System as ascii strings using an endcoding mechanism called Punycode.

So the domain fênê translates to in punnycode.

All encoded domains form an ascii string starting xn-- but when displayed in a browser, display in their native language alphabet.

Convert PunyCode to IDN.

PunyCode Domain Name

Enter a punycode domain, eg. ""

Conver IDN to PunyCode.

IDN Domain Name

Enter a language domain, eg. "fênê"

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