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Brand Protection Information

Here at BB-Online we aim to provide you with brand protection, helping you take a proactive stand against potential dangers from third-party companies. When you choose to register a .com domain for your brand name, it is beneficial to consider buying a brand protection package.

What do brand protection packages contain?

Protection packages include a wide selection of generic and international domains, various combinations of extensions and exactly what you need to spread your brand across the web, enforcing your rights over it. If your target audience focuses on a particular continent, there are packages to aid with this e.g. Americas Pack, Oceania Pack.

What can the protection packs guard against?

What this protection could guard you from is the chance that another company/individual may register the brand name. The space once obtained could be used for false advertisement or to direct to a completely different product. If you wished to claim rights to the domain name, the cost would be high due to the prices of legal disputes. Cybersquatters are also a threat — if they see profit in a particular domain name, they will obtain and hold it so that it can be sold at an unfairly high price. There are legal paths available to stop this (e.g. ACPA), but it can be a good idea to use brand protection to save on the long run.

What are the benefits of the brand protection packs?

If you do choose to acquire a brand protection package you will have access to a large number of international extensions. There are many benefits that can arise from this. It can allow you to gather a global customer base, give you the possibility to make brand pages in different languages and boost your rank on international search engines.

We advise you to consider acquiring one of these brand protection packages today.